Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The 2020 Youth Poster Contest Is Now Open! 

All Marin middle (6, 7 and 8th grades) and high school students are invited to design a poster that communicates your hopes and concerns about social justice, climate change, women's rights, firearms regulation, immigration, gender and sexual equality, bullying and other issues important to youth.  Importantly, this is not an art contest, it is a messaging contest.  Posters are judged on the impact of the student’s message, and how they utilize creativity, expressive language and original art to communicate that message. 

The Youth Poster Contest provides an unprecedented and highly-visible public platform for your message to be seen and heard.

Stand Up and Speak Out! 

Prominent environmentalist David Brower once said: "I'm always impressed with what young people can do before older people tell them it's impossible."

Oxford dictionaries defined youthquake as a “significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people." 

Youthquake sounds like it should - the rallying cry by our youth to shake up the stagnant ground upon which politicians and others who will not raise their voice, or their vote, against this madness.  We must all join this youth movement for sanity and safety.